BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Saturday 26 September 19:30 St Asaph Cathedral

The BBC National Orchestra of Wales bring a programme full of light and energy to the festival, featuring former Royal harpist Hannah Stone.

Conductor: Otto Tausk

Leader: Lesley Hatfield

Harp Soloist: Hannah Stone

Solo trombone: Donal Bannister

Violin Soloist: Baiba Skride



Mathias – Helios

Debussy – Danse sacrée et danse profane

Gareth Glyn – Amaterasu* - New commission for Harp and Orchestra – world premiere

Egwyl / Interval

Nielson – Helios Overture

Sibelius – Violin Concerto


This concert will be recorded live by BBC Radio 3 for future transmission.


*Amaterasu was the Sun goddess of the oldest Japanese religion called Shinto. When her brother Susanowo treated her badly, she hid in the cave of heaven and closed the entrance with an enormous stone. This made the world dark, and evil spirits came out of their hiding places.

In despair, a conference of the gods decided to trick Amaterasu into coming out by having a party near the cave. They put a big mirror in front of the cave and beautiful jewels on a tree. Uzume, the goddess of laughter, began a dance accompanied by loud music.

Hearing the music and laughter, Amaterasu was so curious that she took a look outside to find out what was going on. She was so fascinated by her own brilliant reflection in the mirror that she came out of the cave. Finally, the light covered and coloured the world.


BBC National Orchestra of Wales

© Betina Skovbro